Friday 30th June
At the Cause
7.30 pm (Bar opens 7pm)chipfest logoSuper-Hamlet-64

“Day never ceased to impress…like a man possessed at times, effortlessly switching between characters…for me, the best original play I have seen.” ★★★★★ Theatre Bath
With an Ocarina, a Ukulele and a thirst for revenge, Lecoq-trained Edward Day battles through 4 decades of videogame nostalgia in a quest to kill his uncle and win at life.
Super Hamlet 64: Parody DLC is Day’s homage to the art of the videogames he loves and the humanity and beauty of Shakespeare’s verse. He’s taken over 100 videogame quotes, visual references and pieces of music and woven them into the story of Hamlet, dying again and again as he tries to kill his uncle. He’s turned Ophelia into a kickass gamer geek with a penchant for samouri swords, the famous graveyard scene into philosophical zombie shootout, and the final fight with Laertes into an epic boss battle with a giant mechanical beast, spewing clouds of noxious gas.
Ticket £10 on the door
(If booking through the Neeld Hall ChipFest booking office A £1 booking fee will be added to every ticket)

Cause Music

Music is an integral part of what we do here at The Cause. It is a universal language, as seen ingrained in many of our Community Workshops: our World Music Choir, the Sunday Chorus and especially the Singing Café enjoy the benefits of rhythm and passion.

Our wonderful Auditorium keeps audiences coming back, citing the natural acoustics of the majestic building. It is no surprise: the space is equipped with an organ and a complete sound and amplification system – adjusted to complement the natural reverberation that occurs in the space.

As a result, over the years we have had many interesting acts perform at The Cause: male opera singers, folk duo Philip Henry and Hannah Martin and we host a yearly Christmas celebration, in which many of our associated workshops and acts perform in a lively manner. We enjoy all types of performer, many of which return to perform in our Friday Night line-up.

Beyond the variety night, we also hire out the hall to bands and artists for rehearsals. The space is also fitted with a mixer, sound system and appropriate acoustics. Room bookings are handled through Norma, who can sort out an accessible see for the hire. It is possible to get in contact with her on 01249 446893 or