Men’s Talk Club

Men’s Talk Clubs are springing up around the country and we are starting one in Chippenham. The next sessions will be posted on the Talk Club Chippenham Facebook group.

There has been a lot in the media recently about the benefit of talking for mental health.

The idea of Talk Club is to get blokes to start talking in small groups. Some Man time. You’re not doing this because anything is wrong. In fact the complete opposite is true. It’s all about keeping mentally fit. You don’t have to be depressed or have anxiety to benefit from Talk Club.

Talk Club is a talking and listening club for men aged 18 an over. Talk Club is a Male Mental Fitness Movement. It’s a support network for ways to keep mentally fit. It’s a community of men looking after each other.

It’s here to remind all men that they are not alone, that other men feel exactly the same way they do, and if we share our feelings we can become mentally strong. 

Together, we can change the way we look after our mental health.

Please remember that this is a talking group and not a therapy group, and everything shared is completely confidential. 


Web Page for Talk Club:

Talk Club Facebook link for discussing with other men how you are doing:

Talk Club Chippenham Facebook link for arranging meetings:

For more details, get in touch: 
07789 004108