Photography Course

filmstrip-ps-4396Penney Ellis for Photo-Sensitive runs a series of courses designed to give you a better understanding of your camera so you can be more confident and creative with the photographs you take.

The courses are aimed at photographers of all ages at both beginner and intermediate skill level.

Providing a balance of technical information and creative inspiration, the emphasis is on learning through practice. You will be encouraged to discover your own photographic style.
Classes are small and plenty of individual support and constructive feedback is provided in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.

If you would like further details, please call on 07896 315 778 directly or send Penney an email. The details of the upcoming course are detailed below. Alternatively, Penney runs a website, on which all relevent information is located.

‘understanding your camera’

A six-week introductory course for beginners to help you understand the functions of your camera.

Starting with Program Mode, working through Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, you will be confident in using your camera in Manual Mode by the end of the course.

Get to grips with the relationship between aperture, shutter-speed and ISO and also how to use the metering tools in your camera to achieve optimal exposure.

We explore the tools within your camera to give you greater control over the images you produce. For instance, understanding how to create images where you determine what is in focus by controlling the depth of focal field.

You will be encouraged to think creatively and to apply principles of composition to enhance your photographic style.

The course includes

    • principles of exposure
    • creative effects, such as motion blur
    • autofocus options
    • white balance
    • introduction to post production
    • sharing, storing and back up
    • weekly projects
    • review and feedback sessions
    • course notes.

Small classes ensure plenty of individual support and constructive feedback.

Six-week course – £120
Runs Wednesdays, 13 April to 25 May (excluding 27 April) 6pm to 8pm