Life Drawing

First session Tuesday 25th September

The initial session will focus on line drawing.

To reserve a place, email See the recommended materials list below.

Materials List
The following is a suggested list of materials for producing dynamic, effective life drawings, starting with the most important:

Beginners essentials

  • Charcoal – mixed sizes. Expensive but essential.
  • White chalk – ordinary blackboard chalk will do. Wilko sell this.
  • Black ink – buy a 500ml cheap bottle rather than Winsor and Newton jars.
  • Brown paper – parcel paper on roll. A must-have, and extremely cheap compared to sugar paper. We will produce warm-up drawings at the beginning of each session and you will need a cheap surface to draw on for these.
  • Putty rubber – no other type will do.
  • Hairspray – a cheap alternative to fixative. Fixative has a slightly more reliable fastness and does not yellow as quickly, but the difference is not worth the astronomical price.

Intermediate essentials

  • A2 cartridge paper, white – an A2 sketchbook might be handy. Don’t bother with anything smaller.
  • Straight edge – you could use a 30cm ruler but it doesn’t need to be calibrated.
  • Conté/pastels – earth colours (umber, ochre) Ditto grey range
  • Newspaper – not glossy (for pre-drawing collage)
  • Glue stick
  • Sugar paper – mixed pastel colours, A1 preferably, including off-white, beige, rust
  • Other mark-making substances might include: emulsion, water-based varnish, coloured inks, or van Dyke ink
  • A small, decent, sturdy tool box for putting all this in!

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