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World Music Choir

Lingmara @The Cause
Tuesday evenings 7.15-9.30pm in the Main Hall 

£5 per session

If you’ve ever wanted to sing lovely songs from all over the world, then this is the perfect place to start! The repertoire is varied and easy to learn and there is no need to read music.

All singers welcome -especially Tenor and Bass.

Lingmara is a community choir led by musical director Tony Barby and there is no need to audition, just come along and join in.

Lingmara Community Choir from Alex Walker on Vimeo.

Tony Barby 

“A few years ago I was inspired to lead my own choir by singing in the Pound Sound choir in Corsham.  After undertaking a course in community choir leadership, I became a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, a body that actively promotes singing for enjoyment for everyone, even those who believe they can’t sing, and formed Find Your Voice, holding sessions weekly in the local village hall in Box, Wiltshire. I took over the leadership of Lingmara World Music Choir in Chippenham in October, 2013.

I have amassed a good deal of experience in sourcing and arranging songs from all genres – pop, folk, world, gospel, whatever I can find that I think will sound good – and teaching the various parts by ear.  Wherever possible, I try to bring to the group songs that one or more members have suggested. My choirs have sung at several community events, always going down very well with our varied repertoire.

I record all the parts at home and put them up as mp3s, along with music scores and lyrics, on an internet sharing site.  This makes it easy for readers and non-readers alike to learn and practise their parts.”

If you are interested in joining Lingmara, come along on Tuesday night at 7.15pm or contact Fred for more information:

Fred : 01249 446893 (The Cause) or 07775 781233